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Some Interesting Facts

Established in 1966 by Elias this company is presently owned and operated by his son in law Mohamed. Mohamed started working in the watch business in the year 2000 with Elias. The company does all types of repairs for vintage & antique watches. For most watches we have parts in stock & we make parts are difficult to find.

We Accept orders from all across Canada. We will ship your watch back free of charge. 1 Year Warranty is for work performed by BC Watch Repair!

For over 50 years, BC Watch Repair has been providing top-quality clock repair, watch restoration and watch repair services to Vancouver residents, Canada, and the United States. Although we focus only on 1800s to today’s selection of timepieces, we cover the full spectrum of watch and clock models, whether you need reparations, restorations, or investigations for missing parts.

Repairs: Rolex watch, Omega SA, Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, Seiko watch

Watch and Clock Restoration

Have you inherited you grandparents’ clock and want it like new? Is your favourite watch worn out after wearing it for so many years? We restore cases, faces, as well as watch bracelets and bands. By giving your treasured timepieces expert care, they get to show-off their old charm once more.

Watch Repair Service Vancouver

The models we deal regularly with are:

  • Wrist watches
  • Pocket watches
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Pendulum clocks
  • Cuckoo clocks
  • Rare and Unique watches

At BC Watch Repair, we know how upsetting it is for you to discover that your watch or clock can’t be repaired because the missing part no longer exists, but this doesn’t stop us. We will create the part for you, depending on the type of watch or clock.

Quality Watch Repair

Why BC Watch Repair?


Parts which are hard to find we restore them & bring your watch back to life.


If parts are no longer in production or not available in our shop, then we can make any crystal at a perfect fit at a low cost for you.


We have the state of the art welding technology, and have machinery in our shop that will weld silver with other complex alloys.


For over 25 years, we have dedicated ourselves and our shop to providing high quality watch repairs and restoration to the people of Vancouver...

All Things Watches—Servicing Vancouver and Abroad

Our specialists do simple cleanings, engravings for that special someone, and replace broken parts and appearances, whether the springs have sprung or if the jewels have fallen out. We have the tools for micro-welding and plating; you have your choice of gold, silver, or chrome plates.

No matter where you’re from, BC Watch Repair can help you with your watch and clock needs. Our vast inventory consists of parts for all vintage watches, Swiss and American wrist watches, pocket watches, and chronographs. If you have a luxury brand watch, like Rolex, Omega and Ebel, we provide services for them, as well.

We also offer custom-made watches, bands, and jewellery!

  1. With a Copy of your Free Estimate Repair by US Mail in your Watch, Please carefully package your watch without the box. A signed return receipt is recommended. We do pay for shipping.
    Our shipping address is: 204-5960 Balsam St, Vancouver, BC V6M 4C1
  2. Payment is due after your watch repair is complete. We will send you a Photo of your Watch before & after the repair in your email. 1 year Warranty is for work performed by BC Watch Repair, One year warranty it is not applying for replica watches.


Feel free to stop by our shop for your next watch and clock repair, or call us (604) 449-5747 if you have any questions.
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What Clients Say

My husband Ernest was very satified with the work done at BC Watch Repair. He had two antique pocket watches repaired in only a few days and at a reasonable price. He definitely recommends their service.

Mo you are "the Master" at precision watch repairs! I highly recommend his workmanship to everyone, especially if they have prestige watches that need repair. Mo IS amazing and I trust him completely!

Fast and professional. Excellent workmanship. Very honest...I was given a price for fixing my clock and when I picked it up he lowered the price because it didn't take as long to fix as he thought it would. That's very rare in today's world!

I took my 20 year old 'Mido Commander' wrist-watch in to Mohamed for repair and he did a first-class job. It's hard to find craftsmen these days, but Mohamed is one of them for sure. He repaired my watch promptly and kept to his initial estimate. The watch now works very well and looks like new again. I was very happy to find a business, such as Mohamed's, in that I had estimates in the $500 range just to perform a simple service (to say nothing) of repairing it. I would recommend this business to anyone looking for competent (expert indeed) watch-repair service(s). Mohamed told me that everything is repairable (never) throw anything away. I believe that to be true. Mohamed can (does) repair many kinds of watches and personally custom manufactures parts, as required, for such repairs. He also repairs cameras and other mechanical devices in addition to his watch-repair work.  Highly Recommended.

Mohamed proved himself an superb craftsman, and at very reasonable rates!  My husband I procrastinated on having a vintage luxury watch repaired for our daughter's university grad until just a week before the ceremony. Despite the need for an unreasonably short turnaround time, Moaned gave us a beautifully restored watch, very much like new, and at a cost far below competitors.

Extremely knowledgeable and experienced, Mohamed was a pleasure to work with. He was able to repair the damage done to my watch from an inexperienced mall jeweller, and was speedy in doing so. I'll definitely be back in the future.

Mohamed was extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding 2 heirloom antique watches and their history and value.

Friendly professional. Expert service. Would recommend to all who require watch repair service.

Brought my g shock rangeman in for a repair a couple weeks ago. The strap had been ripped off and there was no way to fix it using conventional means without replacing the housing which would have cost a fortune and not been worth it for a $400 watch.  Mo managed to machine the screws which normally screwed into the housing into separate female and male ends and repair it. It took him 6 hours and he only charged me $80 for the repair which is more than reasonable given the amount of time spent. Very friendly and facilitative attitude.